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  Vicodi architecture  schema 
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  Content meeting notes, Jan.2003
  Technical meeting notes, Jan.2003
  Consortium meeting minutes, Oct.2003
Periodic Progress Report, Sept.2003 
  Periodic Progress Report, March.2004
Annual Report 2002
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  Conference papers:
  ODBASE 2003: A Fuzzy Model for Representing Uncertain,Subjective and Vague Temporal Knowledge in Ontologies.
  VICODI - general article about the project submitted to Latvian media. March, 2004 (in Latvian).

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  Poster submitted to IADIS e-Society 2004 conference. 
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  KAON2 version of the ontology (September 2005)
  Protege version (February, 2006)
  VICODI Ontology - RDFS-export
  VICODI Ontology - HTML-export
Kaon dump of full machine translated ontology (November, 2004)

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VICODI Objectives 
The objective of VICODI is to enhance human comprehension of the digital content on the Internet. This is reached by introducing novel visualisation and contextualisation environment for digital content.
The VICODI Contextualisation Environment addresses the management of search and retrieval as well as the management of information presentation.
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Description of the work
The project duration is 24 months. The work will be divided into 6 major phases:
1. Identifying functional requirements and Selection of content. During this phase VICODI consortium partners will identify the functional requirements of the potential contextualisation system and assess the existing tools and methodologies in the pertinent field of semantic web technologies. Simultaneously, ontology content providers of VICODI will come to consensus on the conceptual structure of the contextualisation system and will select content to be integrated in the system.  more >>

Progress so far
User requirements of VICODI system were finalized and ranked.
Functional requirements derived from the user requirements were listed. They involved "competency questions" (necessary for subsequent ontology development) and elaborated "use cases" scenarios. Selection and assessment of contextualisation data, as well as development of VICODI ontology was started.  more>>

Milestones and expected results
The VICODI will result in: 1) creating a cumulative and open knowledge space that can be enhanced by its users; 2) providing an innovative user interface that employs SVG for the presentation of information that has been contextualised with respect to location, time, and subject.  more >>

VICODI identifies four genuine areas of innovation and proposes two functional aspects of integrating advanced technologies to create added value, in terms of academic progress, technological innovation, and demonstrated usefulness.  more >>

VICODI: Visual Contextualisation of Digital Content - 5FP, Information Society Technologies, RTD project 2002-2004