VICODI fact sheet

Project Milestones and Expected Results

The VICODI will result in: 1) creating a cumulative and open knowledge space that can be enhanced by its users; 2) providing an innovative user interface that employs SVG for the presentation of information that has been contextualised with respect to location, time, and subject. VICODI will provide a location based contextualisation approach that will be generic enough to be applied in wide range of knowledge spaces, particularly those dependant on cartographic context.

Project milestones are:
- User and functional requirements reported, month 04
- System Specifications, month 06
- Knowledge Portal for VICODI test prototype, month 12
- Contextual data for integration selected and organised, month 15
- VICODI Prototype for MSKS integration, month 19
- VICODI Final Prototype, month 21

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VICODI: Visual Contextualisation of Digital Content - 5FP, Information Society Technologies, RTD project 2002-2004