VICODI fact sheet

Description of work

The project duration is 24 months. The work is divided into 6 major phases:

1. Identifying functional requirements and Selection of content. During this phase VICODI consortium partners identified the functional requirements of the potential contextualisation system and assessed the existing tools and methodologies in the pertinent field of semantic web technologies. Simultaneously, ontology content providers of VICODI agreed on the conceptual structure of the contextualisation system and selected content to be integrated in the system.

2. Development of MSKS (Management System of Knowledge Space). This will involve 5 basic elements:
 - Compiling Thesaurus on European History
 - Creation of Authoring tool
 - Design of the knowledge database and the knowledge tools
 - Development of server application
 - Development of MSKS interface

3. Creation of Contextualisation software, which will contain 2 distinct modules:
- Graphical SVG module. It will be developed by common efforts of four VICODI partners, experts in XML, RDF visualisation using SVG and semantic web technologies;
- Textual (multilingual) module. The responsible member for this task will be one of our partners-expert in machine translation.

4. Creation of SVG enabled GUI.

5. Integration of Knowledge into MSKS and Validation.

6. Dissemination and Exploitation planning.

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VICODI: Visual Contextualisation of Digital Content - 5FP, Information Society Technologies, RTD project 2002-2004